HOOK LOOP LOVE by Pedaltrain - 3M™ Dual Lock™ Coins Black - 24 PACK (12 matched sets)


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3M™ Dual Lock™ Coins - Black - 24 PACK (12 matched sets)
  • Spread love with each purchase - a generous portion of sales goes to charitable organizations and directly to people in need
  • Genuine 3M Dual Lock custom-cut for Pedaltrain
  • 24 count, 1.25" coins
  • 66% larger than standard 3M Dual Lock coins
  • Type 250
  • These will stick anything to anything else and not let go. Even when you want it to let go, it won't.
  • Strong adhesive 

When you buy a HOOK LOOP LOVE product, Pedaltrain donates a large portion of profits directly to good charitable causes. Since founding HOOK LOOP LOVE, Pedaltrain has donated almost $250,000 to such causes.

Philosophically, we donate as close to the need as possible. A sampling of our donations include emergency financial relief paid directly to victims of arson, direct emergency payments to victims of the 2020 Nashville tornado, legal fees paid on behalf of a homeless family, purchase of reliable transportation for an out-of-work tradesman, purchase of reliable transportation for a fixed-income widow, fully paid-for travel expenses for specialized out-of-state cancer treatment, and funding of health care and health insurance for individuals below the poverty level.

We share this not to toot our own horn, but to remind you that you are making a difference with each HOOK LOOP LOVE product you purchase. Thank you for adding to the LOVE we have the honor of sharing with with the world.

Model: HLL-DLC-12