Introducing Hook Loop Love

Since the beginning of our company, Pedaltrain has included generous rolls of hook-and-loop with every Pedaltrain. Over the last 20 years that has amounted to enough hook-and-loop to span the Atlantic Ocean from New York to London - and back!

Despite the sheer volume that we ship every year, we’ve always thought of hook-and-loop as an afterthought, focusing on our pedal boards and cases instead. But about a year ago that began to change. We started to get a lot of requests for replacement hook-and-loop from Pedaltrain users and also a desire for different varieties like Dual Lock, coins, cable ties, and custom colors. In response, we began to offer simple 10-foot rolls of replacement hook-and-loop (PT-OHL-10) on our website and through retailers. Demand was far stronger than we had expected and we sold out at the end of 2018.

So our team began to wonder how we could use hook-and-loop, an important but forgotten part of pedal boards, to better meet the needs of Pedaltrain users. But we didn't want to just sell hook-and-loop, we wanted to make a difference. As a company, Pedaltrain has always donated to charity and it's been our mission to leverage our successes to do good in the world. However, until now, we couldn't find a good way to let our customers participate in this mission by directly tying product sales to charitable giving.

What we came up with is a collection of hook-and-loop products that will make it easier to organize and protect your gear while also enabling self-expression and customization, with a portion of all sales going to charity.

We’re calling it Hook Loop Love.

More information on the Hook Loop Love collection will be available soon as well as details about the charities that will benefit. In the meantime, you can sign up below to be sure you’re the first to hear about Hook Loop Love news and product announcements.

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